zondag 13 december 2015

SiteTalk CashBack will end of 2015 - begin 2016 launch their new iOS application.

DO you like shopping online or the idea that people indeed are shopping online to save money from their online shopping habits ?
If that is already enough, try out to learn about it and it's a great product to use for online shopping. Many company's like this service for their products and it's better to use the competition instead of participating into it. The economy is saturated with many super healthy foods or goods so why won't you search yours with some good cashback or saving money upon it , if within the system. 

Are you prepared to learn something extraordinary and some knowledge to start making money from shopping online activities, active and / or passive ?
  • Great, so you know it already but what if you could participate in the revenue of the sitetalkcashback program where people are shopping for you by promotion with professional marketing companies and you get a ROI on their shopping habits, revenue ... . I mean , it creates passive income if you realize how many people are shopping online and you want a piece of that, right ? 
    • How to join the business is easy but it's all about the marketingpool where you participate with a little or great investment and within a year you have about 36 % roi on that. Facts are real upon this for the first year and free for insights. This is logic and no secret. Better then a savings account. It's called a share profit dividend. It comes from people who shop online and getting cashback on that. 10 % of that revenue comes into the Marketing pool where you get a piece from for every UNIT you participate. It starts small and grows every month. Proof of 36 % did happen. For more, leave a message or contact me over skype , healthcares.be (=username). It's called a profit sharing dividend from the company given to us by promotion with professional marketing company's into the USA and CANADA. Also revenue from advertising and European / Asian market is working out. What there is today and what Sitetalk / Opn has to offer is legal and your earnings are based upon your personal skills. Changes are happening in every company. The sitetalk cashback app is on this moment (20/11/15) in review for the iPhone in the app store. It will be so simple. Android is coming later also. Many people use mobile equipment to start saving money on their online shopping habits and the iTunes entertainment section gives you quiet some great savings with sitetalk cashback. Register already HERE, www.sitetalkcashback.com/referby/bertofun 
    • Here are some facts as of today 23/11/2015 what's possible within this business participation. It's a product that generates revenue for all of you. Active or passive.
  • Join easy at www.opn.com/joinus/bertofun or contact me to have more questions answered by skype , check above. The more units you have to greater your participation for real. Consult a bookkeeper to verify what about your taxes in case of doubt and it's your responsibility as terms and conditions apply upon that.
  • The network opportunity (OPN) business works with the flagship product marketingpool. Based upon sitetalkcashback, flagship product from sitetalk where OPN is a copartner of sitetalk. Passive income for years coming as online shopping will never stop , right ? Ofcourse it's an investment but better then a bank account for real. Are you open minded and see the bigger picture from people who shop online ? Included yourself ? NO worries about product stocks or transports, feedback , client service, after sales point... . No, you the cashback and the products are guaranteed by the seller. So how many savings would you like? www.sitetalkcashback.com/referby/bertofun and check to install the add-on in your browser to get it happen and have extremely fun. Shop on EBAY for example... .  Below an example of the sitetalkcashback app for mobile , also for IPAD and iPhone. Later android will added. Approval by the app store is under review right now. By the end of the year, it will be available so hoping for good news on the end of the year and holiday shopping was never so easy to enjoy wherever you are. Setup clearly your account for sure.
  • Get cashback by booking.com or expedia.com etc ... also on services like booking hotels and flights for real. Crazy isn't it ?
 For any questions or inquiries let me know because you are actually doing what you are already doing but not for your own profit ? Right ? Be a little selfish and be generous enough to share and talk about it. Will be so much easier when the IOS cashback app appears by the end of 2015. 
Bert v (skype = healthcares.be)
Independent business partner (OPN / sitetalk)

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